Hi, I'm Nicolai!

As a passionate visual storyteller and creative strategist, I bring ideas to life.
My work has been featured, among others, on MTV, Vogue, and National Geographic Channel.
Now, I’m building a live music tech startup and a music-inspired apparel store.Beyond professional pursuits, I find inspiration in street photography and music.

What I'm up to

The Ultimate Destination for Live Music Lovers. Our community-based platform allows anyone to contribute to the recording of a live concert film.Through video editing and sound mixing done by AI, the live filming, will be combined with audience recordings, giving you an immersive experience as if you were there.

Shimmer Apparel

We’re not just an ordinary apparel store, we’re the home of eco-friendly music merch for all the music lovers and musicians out there!Say goodbye to plastic packaging, harmful dye-filled inks, and wasteful deliveries. We believe in green printing, carbon-neutral deliveries, and zero-plastic packaging.
Get ready to rock!

Strategy work

My main objective as a Brand and Content Strategist is to make sure that all your content is on point. With a focused design that promotes your business and fulfilment of your needs.
If you can develop a story that resonates with people, you’ll be well on your way to building a strong and loyal customer base.

Some of my clients


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Visual work

Photography & video

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Generative AI work

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